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Disney How to Draw Princesses

Title:Disney Magic Artist How to Draw Princesses

Format: PDF

Download Link: http://www.4shared.com/office/rZ91MlUVce/Disney_Magic_Artist_How_to_Dra.html

Info: Disney princesses can be found in a fairy-tale castle, an enchanted wood, a French countryside, a desert kingdom-even under the sea! Although their stories may be similar-overcoming problems to reach "happily ever after"-each princess brings something special to her tale. Over the years, that "something special" has changed, but the beauty and love that shine in each princess have always remained the same.

Update 6/21/14

Alrighty, again its been a little while since the last update. Sadly things are hectic again, money and time is short right now. I will have some uploads done in a few minutes though.

I want to remind everyone that I have artbooks for sale, all you have to do is click the link to the right of your screen and send me a message as to which one(s) you'd like and we can do business. They are not listed through Ebay, someone had that misconception earlier and we needed to clarify.

Also, remember that site I told y'all about a few weeks back? Well, InstaGC here helped me get a $10 Amazon giftcard! Click the link and sign up, and I get closer to my next buck. I'm saving up the cards for art books to share here, so help a girl out!

And, well like I said, money is tight. I'm a pretty crafty girl and have always made things for my favorite fandoms. So I started up an Etsy store. The only thing there currently is roses made from books. I gave my best friend a bouquet of Harry Potter roses for her graduation and she flipped out. So if you're interested or just want to help my home situation, please check out my store.

To finish it off, I'd like to know your thoughts on the bulk posts. They make things a hell of a lot easier for me, and in turn you guys get more uploads.

Hope you guys are holding up okay, I haven't heard from a few of you in awhile. Over and out.


Art Books For Sale

So here's the list of art books that are currently for sale. Some of the prices are negotiable, but please remember that the full proceeds of these go to buy new art book to scan for this comm. I will keep this updated, if you have any questions please comment below. If you would like to purchase something, pm me.

I accept only Paypal. Here's my ebay sellers page, so you can see my feedback and trust I'm not going to scam you. (Not that I'd get very far even if I tried..)


Tinkerbell: An Evolution
-Slightly worn/bent dust cover. Hard cover book. Brand New $30

How To Draw: Avatar
-Library Copy, decent shape. Soft Cover. $3

The Art Of The Secret World Of Arrietty
-Slightly worn/bent dust cover. Soft cover book. Brand new $25

The Art Of Megamind
-Slightly worn dust cover. Hard cover book. New $30

The Art Of Avatar: the Last Airbender
-Great condition. Hard Cover $25

The Art Of Avatar: The Legend Of Korra
-Great Condition. Brand New Hardcover $30

How to Draw: Disney Fairies
-Good condition. Soft cover. $3

The Art Of Kiki's Delivery Service
-Brand new great condition $25

The Art Of How To Train Your Dragon
-Library copy hard cover. The spine is only attached on one side, but the internal part of the book is in great condition. $5

Oleg Cassini: The Wedding Dress
-Brand new, great condition. Hard cover book with slipcover $30

How To Draw More Manga: Volume 1 Basics Of Character drawing
-good condition, soft cover $5

How To Draw Manga: Ninja And Samurai Portrayl
-Good condition, soft cover $5

The insiders guide to creating comics and graphic novels
-Good condition, soft cover. Library copy $10

Mastering Manga
-Decent condition, Library copy $5

Manga Mania: Magical Girls And Friends
-Good Condition, soft cover $5

Manga For The Beginner: Shoujo
-Good condition, soft cover $5

How to draw: Disney's Favorite Princesses
-Library copy, good condition soft cover $5

Mastering Comics
-Library copy, good condition soft cover $10

Drawing Words And Writing Pictures
-Library copy, good condition. Soft cover. $10

The Art Of Brave
-Like New $30

The Art Of Frozen
-New $30

Mini Update 5/24/14

So I found this really cool site called InstaGC. It's a survey like site that allows you to earn gift cards or redeem for a check. Now, I normally steer clear from these things, but my best friend just bought $25 dollars worth of books from Barnes And Noble that she earned from this site. I'm currently 20.93% of the way to a $25 BNN gift card myself. I plan on using them for art books so we have more to scan for here. If you are interested, click the link below and sign up. I'll get a 10 point bonus for each of you that does, and that will put me closer to getting new books for the comm.


Speaking of books for the comm, I have an announcement. Since the donations page isn't taking off at all yet, I've been trying to figure out ways to get extra money to buy more art books. I came to the conclusion of selling some of the ones I've scanned on here. It'd be very simple, I'd make a list of whats available, the price and condition of each and all you would have to do is tell me which you want, and I would send you an invoice via PayPal. That way you could pay either with your PayPal account or your credit/debit card. What do you guys think?

And last, I am currently looking for 2-3 members that would like to help out a bit around here. I am currently swamped trying to get everything backed up, archived, uploaded and posted that I'm literally spreading myself too thin and can't focus on anything. I need a few members to submit posts for me. I have enough uploaded to MediaFire that I can just send you five-eight links for you to make submissions throughout the week. Your posts would be unmoderated, so theres no hassle. And you have a great incentive, all members that offer their services will have access to uploads way before they're posted. PM me if you are interested!


Temporary Hiatus

So yeah, but don't freak out guys, it'll only be for about a week. My best friend loves me enough to blow the rest of her financial aid book allowance on me and bought me a shit ton of 16gb hard drives. Which in case you are wondering is a godsend, I can now finally back up the archives. Considering I'm currently at 34.5 GB of stuff for this place, I would bawl like a baby if my hard drive decided to go suicidal at the moment. I will also be taking this time to upload more things to MediaFire, they are currently running a 50% off special so I signed up for a month to month for $2.50. Can't really beat that. Oh and if I have time I'll queue up the next month so you guys don't have anymore interruptions.


Update 4/30/2014

Wow, it's hard to believe that it has been almost a month since the last update! But I have some major news for you guys :)

First off, welcome to all the new members!! I really hope you benefit from the Archives and that you can eventually give back by helping our library grow. Here's a very special hello to all the old members of Animated Archives. Please make yourself known! I have a special surprise for you!

On that note, I'm searching for a few very specific things that were uploaded to the Animated Archives, that I can't find anywhere for the life of me. The site I originally had found them out completely shut down and no matter how many times I google the different things, I have no luck each time. SO please let me know if you still have things from the Animated Archives, and I'll send you a list of the things I'm looking for.

Okay now on to the actual updates. Life's okay right now, I couldn't/can't find a job at the moment so I went ahead and started up an Ebay business. It's actually going really well, but I need to increase my sales to pay for rent. If you are interested in comic books, celebrity autographs and other similar items, pm me and I will give you a link to my store.

So I was talking to a new member and he/she expressed alot of enthusiasm about getting a portfolio review from the members here. I personally think that that is an amazing idea, and would love to incorporate it as soon as possible. After I finish this, I'll type up an info page for it that you will be able to find to the left of your screen along with all the other links and tags. Speaking of, do you like the new link layout? I believe it makes it easy to read and find exactly what you are searching for.

Now, I have learned the hard way that the easiest way to get you guys to be active is polls. For some reason nobody likes to just type up their thoughts and concerns, so heres a long line of polls for your consideration. Please don't skip over them, they are very important and will have a huge impact on the Archive's development.

What would you like to see more of? (Select however many you like)

How to draw books
Art books
Art of books
Perspective books
General drawing books
Painting books
Environment books
How to draw animals books
How to draw manga books
Concept packets
Animated sequences
Other books

How do you feel about the Portfolio reviews? Would you participate?

I think its a great idea, and of course I will!
I think its a great idea, but no I won't.
I'm not too sure, but I might.
I'm not too sure, and I won't.
I'm impartial.
I think its a bad idea.

I'm thinking of adding Art textbooks. Your thoughts?

Yes please!!

I am going to add links for resources and other great things. What would you like included?

Artists Links
Art Related Sites
Art Blogs
Tool Recomendations
Other (Please Comment)

Toying with the notion of famous (and non) artists spotlight, showcasing various forms of art to study and admire. Your thoughts?

Yes, thats amazing!
Not really interested.

I'm considering having posts for resources, news, reviews, etc once a week, but they might take one upload away. How do you feel about that?

Four uploads are enough, bring on the resources!
Four uploads is enough, but I'm not sure I would read/benefit from the other resources.
No! Not the uploads! I need 5.

With the concept packets and animated sequences, do you want me to stick with Disney until I run out, or alternate between other companies.

Stick with Disney.
I'd like a mixture!
Something other than Disney for a change.

And lastly, I have decided to start accepting donations. You can read more about it below. What are your thoughts?

Thats a great idea! I want to donate and help out!
Great idea, but I can't/won't donate.
Bad idea, I won't donate.

Lastly, I have been toying with the notion of accepting donations. The money would be used firstly to buy a scan wand, in order to scan the books I have now that I haven't been able to. (My grandmother dropped hers in the kitchen sink, so there went my chances of borrowing hers again..) Next, I would make a list of about ten art book that I don't own, and have the donating members vote as to which were purchased and scanned first. What are your thoughts? I can only buy artbooks a few times a year, i.e Christmas, Birthday and sometimes at Comic Cons if the prices aren't too insane. Sadly, not many people scan and share these rare books, and I'll never be able to buy all the great ones there are. So if you think that this is a good idea, please, please let me know. I plan on making a page about it in a bit and the link will be to the left with all the others.

Hmm, thats about it folks. I hope you all are doing well, and please feel free to contact me if you have any comments, questions, concerns, or just want to talk. I'm here guys <3

Title: Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing from Life
Format: PDF
Download Link: MediaFire
Info: The timeless classic on drawing human figures is back! Following impressive runs by Sterling’s previous editions comes a new, redesigned version of George W. Bridgman’s landmark work. It combines six well-known books by the celebrated artist and lecturer, who taught figure and anatomy drawing for many years at New York City’s Art Students League. This edition preserves Bridgman’s lessons and original sketches, but now features a nostalgic, eye-catching cover that distinguishes it from the competition. In its sleek new format, this comprehensive guide will certainly continue its reign as one of the premier figure-drawing publications of all time.


Update 3/12/14

Hey guys,

So I do have some good news! My mom and I finally found an apartment and will be able to move in on the 24th! Its been hellish lately but I have had quite a bit of time on my hands. You may have noticed the addition of the concept packets and the sequences. From now on, you guys will get 3 books a week, as well as 1 concept packet and 1 sequence weekly. I really hope you guys enjoy the new features.

I have the rest of March and all of April's submissions queued up an ready to go. That way no matter how long it takes me to move and unpack, you guys wont go without uploads and the comm will stay active.

If you guys have any questions, concerns, requests, ideas or anything else, please don't hesitate to message me. I am always available and check my messages multiple times a day. I'd love to get some more submissions in from members as well. You can submit almost any art book and its very easy to do. You help out so many people, just by giving up a few minutes of your time.

Also, if you were a member of the Animated Archives, please message me! I lost almost all the stuff that was uploaded and could really use some of it back as it would benefit this community. So if you have any books, packets, sequences etc please send me a list if you are willing to help. Thanks alot guys!

Last but not least, I want to tell all of you thanks. I really appreciate all the support you guys have given me.


Update 2/26/14

Yay, I new update.

I know you guys are probably missing you two uploads from this week. I promise to make it up by Monday. My life is like a living hell right now, we don't have a place to live, I'm staying with my grandparents and the rest of my family is in a shitty hotel. Fun. Anyway, even though my grandparents don't let me use my laptop during the day, I have the advantage of staying up later than them.

SO as for the update:
Starting next month we will have a few additions to the books. I am going to do the concept packets and animation sequences again.

And, I know I've promised the scanned books, which quite frankly I just don't have the time to clean them up and crop them. So I am currently just combining them into pdf format. They aren't in bad shape, I just have high standards.. I really hope you guys don't mind, this is just the only way you'd get the books anytime soon.

And lastly, I plan to have another set of polls soon. I really need some help with the comm in various aspects. If you are willing to help in anyway, please message me.


Portfolio Reviews

How would you like to have an entire community give you feedback on your latest drawing? Or how about your entire portfolio? Getting critique and learning from your mistakes is a huge part of growing as an artist. To get started, just go to the top of the page and click "post to community".

Then title your post as "Portfolio Review - Your Username"

After that, fill in this little template and paste in in the body.

Years Drawing:
Website: (Optional, but recommended)

Below the template upload as many images as you like. But, please put everything after the template under the cut, or your post will not be approved.

If you have any questions, just ask!



Artist Archives


Artist Archives

I used to run a strictly animation related community and had to close early in 2013. I really missed having this communication with others and after receiving numerous requests, I have decided to create a new spot for artists and enthusiasts. Whether an admirer of the arts or a seasoned pro, I hope you can learn and take advantage of the tools offered here.
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